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My Very First Post

Cheers to my very first post and the beginning to many more!
Many of you guys may know me, others may have no idea who I am. I’d like to introduce myself as Kat. I’m 20 years old, an optimist, a massage therapist, an herbalist, a daughter, a lover, a friend and most importantly the creator of my reality.

My life has been a beautiful ride of passion, happiness, wonder, love, tears, anger, sadness, uncertainty, fear, etc. All of which has led and inspired me to sit here today and write this to you.

There is a beautiful quote that says, “without darkness, one can not know light.” I am honored to say that through all my trials and errors of life, I am grateful for every little thing that has happened to me, especially the bad things (however in my eyes, every event was and is beautiful.)

I created this website to share with you guys my story, and how far I’ve come – just to enlighten others who may be going through the very same things I went through. I aim to have site filed with not only my story and thoughts but the stories of others I know, and strangers. I have a vision that we all can come together and help each other thrive and flourish into our true selves.

Further more, I am into anything and everything empowering, so posts about essential oils, herbs, energy work, love, art, DIYs is a guarantee, but it wont stop there.

I am so excited to start sharing love and knowledge with you guys.

WE are powerful, abundant, love, and light.

I love you,