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The Reason We Cry

Tears are a representation of our emotions.

I used to be ashamed when I cried because I cried a lot as a kid and was often called a cry baby. Heck, I still cry a lot. I also used to think crying was something bad, and uncomfortable, a miserable activity. But when I thought all of this, I didn’t realize the beauty of crying and the opportunity and gift at hand.

Today, I embrace the tears that flow out of my eyes, and view them as a gift. Let me tell you why. This is what I have realized about crying:

Crying is a self conscious realization of the emotions at hand. It allows us to be in touch with what’s going on within, our inner world. Once tears flow, it  means emotions that have been contained within now demand to be known. You see, tears contain information, emotions, trauma etc. Whatever information the tears contain, it demands to be known – for greater purposes; Personal growth!

Crying is a releasing of emotions that no longer serve us. And since the tears hold information, we can literally feel that information, as they roll down our face. Crying is an entire body experience. We suddenly begin to shake, tremble, it feels as if a storm is brewing inside us. We often get a headache, as blood rushes to our face and head. All of this bodily activity is the reaction of the emotions that have been contained within, but are now overflowing out of us. Containing these emotions within are not good for our health, crying is one of the many ways we can release them.

The best thing to do is be the observer of all this. Acknowledge the emotions and feelings that arise within the body, the thoughts that arise within the mind but that’s it, just acknowledge.

It’s also a beautiful thing to talk yourself through the experience. Since crying is a full body, emotional and spiritual experience we can get completely wrapped up in it and lose sight of our true self – love and peace. I will say to myself as tears run down my face,

“I am here for you”

“It’s okay”

I say to myself things, I crave or imagine someone would say to me if they were with me during the tears. Remaining calm during the tears and allowing them, eventually will lead me to have realizations about the tears, and the information, emotions and feelings they may contain. More calmness will follow the realizations, and a long sigh will follow the tears and instantly the tears will stop.

Suddenly, its a like a weight was lifted off my body and I feel at peace again, and sometimes even inspired.

Think of it this way, tears are like a storm, in fact it is a bodily storm. But after every storm, the sun will always come back out. Imagine the sun, as your true self coming out of the storm of your tears.

What does being the observer of the tears even mean?!
It means, allow the tears, let them happen, and let them pass. Do not get absorbed in the activity of crying, do not attach your self to the tears. Buddha once said, “the root of all suffering is attachment.”  This statement can be applied to a lot of things, but today we will use it with crying. Observe the tears, listen and feel what they have to share with you. The depth of the messages within tears is needed for personal growth. What are you holding on to that is no longer serving you? Tears can show you this, and if you allow the tears without getting attached to them you will often have ideas as to how to heal this part of you that started the tears in the first place.

Most importantly, know – that tears and what they carry WILL pass and your true self will remain, polished and your body and mind will be polished too and lighter than ever before.


Much Love,